"Regnbågsfamiljers ställning i Norden. Politik, rättigheter och villkor."

skrifað 18. maí 2009

NIKK has recently published the book "Regnbågsfamiljers ställning i Norden. Politik, rättigheter och villkor." The articles in the book offers an unique mapping of the rainbowfamilies' situation in the Nordic countries today. They give an overview of the historical development of laws and reforms in social, family and health policies affecting rainbowfamilies. The authors aslo offer a critical perspective on the very premise of the political debate and the legislative basis. The articles are written in Danish (the chapters on Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Swedish (the chapter on Finland) and English (the chapter on Iceland).

The book is free of charge and can be ordered while supplies last by sending an e-mail to nikk@nikk.uio.no. It can also be downloaded from our webpage: http://www.nikk.no/?module=Files;action=File.getFile;ID=1225

Read more (in Swedish) about the book here:

Kind regards,
Jennie Westlund (ed), NIKK